At their premises on the Avant Garden Centre site there are over 120 tanks of Tropical fish containing all the usual "bread and butter" species for the community tank, as well as some more unusual fish.

The bank of tropical tanks

Good selection of Tropical plants, all reasonably priced.

At one end of the centre there is a new section devoted to Marines, where there are over 30 Marine tanks with an excellent range of very attractive fish.

In the same section you will also find 3 tanks of Corals all in excellent condition to enhance your Marine set up, as well as 2 tanks of Live Rock.

Coldwater fish;- We have an indoor section with a good selection of fancy goldfish, including Orandas, Ryukins, Lionheads and many other varieties.

Aquarium room..
In the main section with the tropical tanks, there is a separate room where you can view all the different aquariums and attractive stands available for sale.

Outdoor section
Our new outdoor section is now fully operational. We have over 10 vats of assorted pond fish.
These range from the standard Goldfish as well as Shubunkins, Comets, Sarasa Comets and other varieties of pondfish including Loaches.
We also stock a good range of Koi of all sizes, leading up to some really attractively marked 14" specimens.

There is the usual dry goods section where there is a wide range of stock.
For any further enquiries TEL. 01772 623497 or even better . .
browse their own website which now has an "update" page where the latest Tropical and Marine arrivals as well as some more "unusuals" can be checked out.
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