If you're in Lancashire, in the Leyland area (M6 access is very convenient), why not check out "Aqualife" which is based at Wyevale Garden Centre.

Where are we?
We are in Ulnes Walton on the Southport Rd, just 2 mins out of Eccleston village.
The centre is run by Steve Spencer and Julie Hawkins. As well as catering for my particular aquatic interests, the shop also sells pet food.

Enquiries about fish or stock;-Tel. 01772 601777

Steve with customers

Inside there are a total of 104 aquariums devoted to Tropical fish, Marines and Coldwater species.

It is attractively laid out and has 2 display tanks containing fish which, (if something takes your fancy!) can be bought from the shop tanks.

The display tank

There are a total of 86 tanks of freshwater tropical fish. There are banks of them on four walls in the main room and more tanks in a room leading off.

Tropical tanks

Plants;- All the tanks are very well maintained and contain gravel and plants. The plants in the tanks are for sale. In the centre of the shop is an excellent selection of bunched plants as well as a very good range of Tropica potted plants. There is also Tufa, Ocean Rock and Bogwood, all in a choice of sizes.

The plant selection and main room

As well as the usual fare, Steve makes a point of continually getting in some unusual "oddballs" and rare tropical fish. This means it's always well worth a visit as there are usually some surprise items on each visit.

There is a bank of 9 tanks which are given over to Marines. As well as a wide choice of fish, the tanks include Live Rock, Coral and Invertebrates.

Marine tank

There are 9 coldwater tanks inside the shop as well as vats outside containing Goldfish, Koi and Orfe. In this area you can buy marginal plants and oxygenators for your pond, as well as water features for the garden.

The outside vats

To conclude..... Steve has been a fishkeeper for many years previously and apart from general tropical fish, was a keen keeper and breeder of Corydoras species. This means that, apart from providing a vast array of fish at "Aqualife", he is able to advise on their upkeep and sort out any aquatic problems you may encounter. If you are in the area, it's well worth a visit as you won't be disappointed with the variety of fish available.

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