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One of the main aspects of the website is to promote Societies in the North of England and publicise their meetings, auctions and events.
In particular there is information and background for
Sandgrounders Aquatic Society(Southport) and Preston and Dist A.S.
Also details of some other Northern societies.

If your society is struggling with low membership, why not try an extra bit of publicity?
Check out the Societies page and use a free page advert.

Struggling to find a certain species of fish or perhaps some to sell?
Try an advert on the Trading Post page.

Website contact: ivor@northtrop.co.uk

*NEW ON SITE ;- Two new articles. A very interesting report on a rare Apistogramma and a detailed report on a beautiful Killifish.
Read about an inaugural "Twinning Day" on the Other Society News page.

David Marshall's new "magazine" in the form of a computer disc is now well under way. To find how it's progressing and news of Issue 3, visit The Aquarium Gazette.

"Aqualife" Aquatics Centre.
This is located near Leyland, Lancs
For a photo guide and information see Aqualife page.

Or, for further details, visit the Aqualife website using the logo below.

"The Cunneries"
For an excellent day's coarse fishing get down to "The Cunneries" in Eccleston.

Bed and Breakfast
In the Chorley area for Tropical Fish or perhaps some Coarse fishing ?
For a relaxing stay in a B&B; set in a beautiful, quiet location look no further than www.parrhallfarm.com

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