The product...
David is now in full flow with producing "The Aquarium Gazette" on a computer disc. It contains Articles concerned with the keeping and breeding of Tropical Fish, latest items of news and opinions, as well as a variety of aquarist based topics.
"The Aquarium Gazette" is a bi-monthly Issue and as from late August, 2008, will be produced in Word 2000 and also a PDF version
The disc is reasonably priced and it won't be full of adverts, equipment reviews, nor page after page of basic, almost beginner fishkeeping topics! Many of the articles and breeding topics are in fact being published for the first time.

Sales are going well but what has been pleasing is the response from the buyers. They are happy with what they see and David is now receiving back orders for Issues 1 and 2 (both still available) and many others have now ordered the first 4 Issues.
Also, very encouragingly, there continues to be foreign sales including USA and Canada and even one from a young man in Slovenia. He has ordered the first 4 discs and even given David some extra publicity in a local aquarist publication!

*The latest news (AUGUST)....

Issue 1 and 2
Both are now available, on disc, in both PDF and Word 2000 format..
Anyone wishing to have the PDF version of either or both Issues e-mailed to their e-mail inbox should contact aquariumgazette@yahoo.com for further details.

Issue 3
Issue 3 is still available in Word 2000 format and will also be available on PDF by approx Aug 22nd

Issue 4
Issue 4 is due out on August 11th. Available in Word 2000 (and also the PDF version by Aug 22nd).
Once again, some excellent and exclusive articles to enjoy. Among just some of the in-depth articles are;-
An exclusive article on breeding Corydoradinae C113 (with photographs of various stages of growth of the youngsters).
An article on the first U.K. spawning of Chaca catfish.
An exclusive article on two new strains of Neon tetra.

Cover of Issue 4

If you are reading this for the first time and would like to order any Issues, or you would like to place an Ad in the Gazette; -
go to The Aquarium Gazette Order Form for more details.

A basic introduction...
The aquarist behind this venture is David Marshall, a member of Ryedale A.S. (N. Yorkshire) where he is now in his 21st year as Secretary and is someone who is well known and respected across the North of England. He is a very enthusiastic and experienced fishkeeper and has recently channelled this enthusiasm into becoming a A-class judge. It is true to say that he always gives nothing less than 101% in all his ventures and it will be the same in this innovative idea for a "magazine".

David at Rydale Show

Purchasing The Aquarium Gazette;-
(1) Buying directly from David when the cost of the disc is 2.80.

(2) It can also be bought direct at various aquatic centres (listed below)
New outlets will be listed as more agree to sell the disc. At these centres there will be around 10 discs in stock;-

AQUALIFE, In Wyevale Garden Centre, Ulnes Walton, Nr Leyland. LANCS.
PETLAND, 26 Station Avenue, New Earswick, Eastern outskirts of York, YORKSHIRE. NORTON AQUARIA, Commercial Street, Scarborough Road, Norton, Malton, NORTH YORKSHIRE.

*New outlet;-
MAIDENHEAD AQUATICS, "Golden Days" Garden Centre, Back Lane, Standish, Wigan, LANCS.
Only 2 minutes from Junction 27 of the M6.

*Another new outlet;-
AQUASTORE, Churchill Avenue, Southport, MERSEYSIDE.
This time in the Southport area;- for anyone in this area who is interested, Alan Bibby has a few discs available and can order more....

(3) Ordering a copy through the post.....
Details above by going to the Order Form page.

Make cheques payable to "The Aquarium Gazette".
Write to; Mr D. Marshall, 16 Potter Hill, Pickering, N. Yorkshire, YO18 8AA

It's an interesting and bold venture so for those of us who moan about fishkeeping magazines lacking some in-depth articles etc why not try at least one or two of the first issues? With our support I am sure each following magazine will improve in content and quality.

Copyright; My thanks to Sue Kenworthy for the photographs.