Meetings are on the last Tuesday of the month and start at 8-00 p.m.
Venue Littleborough Conservative Club, Peel St. Littleborough.

Secretary Alan Waterfield. TEL. 01706 849355
Or write to Meadowside Farm, Meadowside, Newhey,Rochdale, GTR.Manch. OL16 3RR.
Or contact Alan by e-mail

Membership The fee is 5 for the year which includes a monthly newsletter.
Mem.Sec. Martyn Bostock, 6 Greenmount Drive,Heywood, GT.Man. OL10 2LZ.
Or TEL. 01706 625075.
Any newcomers can attend 2 meetings without any obligation.

Every year there are normally 3 Auctions, including 1 Open Show.
See EVENTS page where G.M.C.S. auction details are always listed.

Info for all auctions;-
Venue; Littleborough Conservative Club, Peel Street, Littleborough.
Booking in is from 12 Noon to 1.00 pm.
Auction starts at 1.15 pm.
Lots must be booked in advance or they will not be sold!
To book a Lot; TEL Alan Waterfield. 01706 849355
*Please note in 2007 auctions and in future, no "man-made" fish will be sold; eg Flowerhorns and Aulonacara blotch.

Always the last Tuesday of the month and starting at 8.00 pm.

Inter club show

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