For those of you who are wondering who's behind the website;- just a few details.
( I'll make it as painless as possible!)

  I have now been keeping and breeding tropical fish since 1993. I had always fancied the hobby but on reading books about the apparent complexities of Nitrite, Nitrate, Ammonia and P.H. problems etc etc I stalled on the idea! However a chance meeting at the house of a friend changed all that. A look at his community tank and a chat to him made me realise it wasn't half as complicated as it seemed.
This is why, on my site, I advocate that people starting in the hobby couldn't make a better decision than to join a society and talk to aquarists!
After this reassuring "chat" I started with one community tank (don't we all?!)with some Wagtail Platies, Cardinals and a few Corys. Later, having spotted one tiny Platy fry in the plants, it was obvious that a second, slightly smaller tank was needed in which to transfer any fry! A typical start of the "fish tank domino" effect although as can be seen from the photo below I haven't gone the whole hog and built a large fish house.

This is me on the look out for fry as usual.(My wife wishes I would pay her half as much attention!)

My tanks...
I have managed to fit 6 tanks into my "den". I can't call it a fish room as it's more of an overgrown cupboard off the hallway. However at least it's warm and comfortable and I don't have to trek to the shed in winter! The tanks range from 24"x15"x12" to a 36"x15"x12", plus a spare 16" fry tank in the window.
All my tanks are planted tanks,as despite my constant breeding intentions, I don't like bare tanks and enjoy the more aesthetic appearance of plants, bogwood and where appropriate, rock formations. This is also more than useful as fry are able to avoid, in some cases, the unwelcome attentions of the adults.
I am not a "specialist" but I do enjoy a breeding challenge with any species of fish. In the past I have bred fish as diverse as Iriatherina werneri (Threadfin Rainbowfish ;- very slow growing and challenging, tiny fry ), Lamprichthys tanganicanus (later to lose them to a thermostat problem) and Parosphromenus ornaticauda (small fish but a stunning male).

Present day stock... (June 2008)
At the moment I am keeping Tiger Endlers, Tatia perugiae sp."Big Spot" (hoping to breed these at long last!) and some Gold Pencils.(Also the luxury of 2 tanks waiting for a new breeding project).
I always have Corys on the go and at the moment my Cory species are;-
C. trilineatus, duplicareus, habrosus, similis and "gold line".
I also have a lively little group of Aspidoras pauciradiatus.

One of my planted tanks

This is one of my typical planted tanks where the plants are still on the way to thickening up a little more.( A few Allotoca dugesi fry can just be seen)
I am certainly not an expert "aquascaper" (as the photo proves!) so the plants I tend to use are the "old reliables" which provide good cover and thrive without too much TLC! Although a fairly predictable list, more details can be found on my plants page, which may help anyone new to the hobby.

So there you have it. NOT an expert, still making mistakes, still learning every day and still enjoying a hobby which can give so much pleasure ( and frustration ) as well as finding new friends!
Enjoy the hobby. Ivor