& District A.S.

Venue;- North Chadderton Con Club,("The Blue Club"), Victoria Street.(Near Asda).
Meetings are on the 3rd Monday in the month starting at 8.00 p.m.
Membership Adults 6 per year. Family membership 8 per year.Juniors 2 per year.
ALL members of the family are welcome.You will have access to an extensive library and there are regular talks from experienced members/fishkeepers.

Contact; e-mail paul.whitehead297@sky.com
Or TEL 0161 494 7186.

Show and Auction
Each year we hold an auction combined with a Show, usually in the month of April.
The date for the Auction will always be listed on the EVENTS page.

Oldham Show

Our society in the past...
It would seem that in 1980 fishkeeping in the Oldham district was a much more thriving concern. Around 20 pupils from the top two years at Lyndhurst Junior School in Oldham, got involved with keeping and breeding tropical fish. They specialised in breeding Siamese Fighting fish which pleasingly won trophies at local shows! There must surely be young fishkeepers today in the Oldham area who could enjoy the benefits of joining a society?

In previous years Oldham used to enter a tableau at the British Aquarists' Festival .
In 1981 Oldham's entry was "Rovers Return" which came 5th in the competition.

(Apologies for picture quality;- from a 1981 copy of "Northern Fishkeeper")
My thanks to Bill Hurst for this edition.

Our society today.......
Our members keep a wide variety of fish, have years of experience and are also enthusiastic breeders of tropical fish. Mick Wright (left) is a very experienced fish keeper and breeder. The member on the right is Arnie Chadwick ("Chad"),Chairman of our society, who is an experienced breeder of fish particularly livebearers.
On the right are Jane Macauley and Ron Hegarty who is participating in the breeding programme.
This means that any newcomers joining our society could learn a great deal. So if you live in the Oldham area do drop in and try at least one meeting!

(Thanks to John Lewis and Mick and Anne Wright for the photos.

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