Petland might not be the biggest aquatic outlet in Yorkshire but if you are in the area it is well worth a visit! It is located on the Eastern outskirts of YORK.

Address; 26 Station Avenue, New Earswick, York.
Telephone; 01904 765877.


On entering, the main feature on three of the sides of the shop are the Freshwater Tropical tanks. There are over 70 well stocked and well maintained tanks. There is a good variety of fish, always some "oddballs" to catch your eye and Catfish galore (of all sizes!) including many for the Cory enthusiasts.

Inside the shop

In the Tropical freshwater tanks you will find an excellent range of more unusual fish*, from the smallest of Badis species to the larger and impressive Gouramis.
(* As an example of the stock "possibles", when Ryedale A.S. visited some of the 'oddballs' included a Nandid species, Dwarf Snakeheads, Albino Polypterus, Giant Gourami, Green Coral Discus, Dwarf Badis, bright red Tiger Barbs, Arowana, Ornate Birchir, Madagascan Cichlids, Amazonian Stingray and various forms of Chocolate Gourami).
So whatever species you specialise in, you could well find something to catch your eye!

An eyecatcher!

The Marine section is composed of 2 large tanks down a central aisle and some other smaller tanks, all of which contain a good variety of fish. This section always contains a reliable stock of the more common, but beautiful Marines (see photo) as well as Sea Horses and some "unusuals".

Colourful Marines

Coldwater species are also well catered for.
There is a very high standard of fish maintained throughout the shop and this is especially true in this section. Here the emphasis is most certainly on quality rather than quantity as there are some really stunning Chinese bred Goldfish varieties.

Quality Goldfish

You are sure of a warm welcome and the best of advice from Elaine and family and her staff.

Copyright;David Marshall
My thanks to David for the info and photos taken during Ryedale A.S. visit to Petland.

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